SPAINSpain, located in the south-west of Europe, is a country in which live people from very different cultures. The inhabitants of this country have brought with them different traditions and celebrations, which take place throughout the year. Each festival has its own story and is considered a big deal, being celebrated with great pomp and show.

In Spain, February is the month in which we can assist to the most extravagant carnivals in the world. These are celebrated in different parts of the country, which follow different traditions to make these carnivals pleasant for the visitors.

Canary Islands, Cadiz and Sitges are cities, which hold some of the most amazing carnivals in the world. A lot of people dressed in costumes as unusual and spectacular, are singing and dancing all night. The carnivals in Spain host exciting events such as beautiful pageants, music and various forms of dancing.

SPAINEvery citizen of Spain participates in these carnivals. These represent a reflection of art, in which artists have the chance of displaying their skills. These carnivals are held just before the Great Lent, which involves 40 days of fasting, in which the parties are not allowed, according to the old traditions. There are many speculations related to the origin of the carnivals, but the masks carnival and the parades were first held in Italy and then spread to other European countries.

San Fermin (bullfighting) is among the most popular events celebrated in Spain. The significance of this event comes from Saint Femin who was dragged by the bulls on the streets of Pampole. The festivities are held on 6 July from noon until July 14. The event is inaugurated with the launch of a missile, another popular act known under the name of Chipinazo. The members of the City Council start the parade from the chapel of St. Fermin, while young people are blocking the streets presenting various art forms.

Spain is one of the most popular tourist