How To Make An EZ Baby Saver

Materials: the thickest, best rubber bands you can find, neon duct tape.
You’re basically making a string of rubber bands and covering it with a tube of duct tape.

Hold one rubber band. Loop a second rubber band over the first one.

Pull the tail through the loop.How To Make An EZ Baby Saver

Continue adding rubber bands until you have a chain.

How long should the chain be? Six rubber bands is a good place to start. You can measure from the back of the driver’s seat to the interior door handle to be more exact.

Stretch out your rubber band chain. You can tape the ends down to a table or loop one end over the back of a chair.

Unroll a strip of tape that is as long as your chain. Double the tape over itself, creating a strip that is orange on both sides.

Fold the strip around the stretched rubber bands, creating a cover for the chain. Apply another strip of tape to seal this cover.

Cinch the ends of the cover and tape tightly. This keeps the loops on the ends from shrinking back into the cover when it is no longer stretched.

How To Make An EZ Baby Saver

Add contrasting strips of tape around the cover. The brighter, the better!

Take your EZ Baby Saver to the car. Use the same looping technique, secure the strap on to the back of the driver’s seat or headrest bars.

After you strap in your child, get into the driver’s seat. Pull the EZ Baby Saver across the door opening, then loop it over the door handle. It will not interfere with your driving in any way.

When you try to exit the car, does the EZ Baby Saver stop you in your tracks? If so, it’s working! Ask yourself if anyone is left in the back seat before you unhook the strap.

The EZ Baby Saver can be customized to fit any car door opening. You can make the cover out of neon fabric or you could even adapt a bungee cord for the same job.