Losing My Mind, or at Least My Short Term Memory

Please tell me this is a temporary thing, like puberty for people getting older? I hate to say it, but I am losing my mind. I am afraid to admit it, but I am getting older. I am really not that old, just mid-30s, but my body and brain think this is a race to senility and seeing who can arrive first. My joints, especially my post-ACL replacement knee I can blame on no one but myself for my overactive athletics when younger, but having my brain go at such a young age just isn’t fair.

I tend to think of myself as one of the sharper knives in the drawer, using an old saying. Now, I am not self-centered in saying that, but I faired well in academia, graduated college, hold a good job and consider myself a good contributing member of society. I try to keep myself up-to-date on current events, well read and trained in my profession. I like being the guy people turn to for answers in certain fields. All good things. I was under the apparently incorrect assumption that if I kept my brain engaged and challenged on a daily basis that I could forestall the memory loss we all know comes with later years in life. Yep, I was wrong, at least in my case.

Losing My Mind, or at Least My Short Term Memory

I have always had a good memory. I am not photographic by any means, I have never done that well on factual exams in school, but I have what I call a “situational memory.” For any given situation that sticks in my mind, I can pretty much remember all the details of what was said, describe the surrounding, recall important facts, etc. The part that is going, going gone is my short term memory. Since when did I become such a creature of habit with no ability to keep the most important of details in my mind? A few examples are in order:

My wife calls me at work right before I am headed home to ask that I pick up a (insert important item here such as missing food needed for dinner, prescription, etc.) on my way home. I leave the office 5 minutes later only to head directly to the home.

Deadlines at work – even if I make note of it, my brain for some reason tucks it away until just past the time necessary to do it without rushing like a teenager writing that all-important term paper.

Kids birthdays – I’m a man, need I say more about this? I actually did ok at some point in my life, but now I understand why my dad had such a hard time with this one. It wasn’t his fault, it was premature mental aging.
The list really could go on and on, but I forgot what I was…hey, what am I doing…oh yeah, writing about my short term memory.

Losing My Mind, or at Least My Short Term Memory

I have always been one to steer clear from taking any kind of pills, whether they be painkillers, supplements, whatever; but I can honestly understand now why the ginko craze has such staying power. We all what the magic cure to get our brains back. Forget reclaiming my childhood sports abilities, I know those are gone forever…I want my brain back! There really is something to the joke about going back to your teenage years when you knew everything! At least I could remember a few more things even if I didn’t actually know as much!

I have learned to live by reminders. I love my smartphone, I carry the Treo 650 these days. It is really my saving grace most of the time. Anything important gets put in the calendar with an alarm with appropriate lead time. The only downside is the dread I feel sometimes when I hear that reminder chime. Oh boy, what have I forgotten now?

So kids, my kids specifically, have a little patience with your old man when he shows up at your birthday party with the look of surprise on his face or a little late for the soccer game you have been talking about all week. It isn’t his fault, he’s just lost his mind.

Rio Alto gold production disappoints but guidance holds

Rio Alto gold production was below expectation in the first quarter, the junior miner said in a press release Tuesday.

A substantial gap betwen planned and actual gold grades at its La Arena gold mine in Peru was to blame: 0.51 g/t Au mined versus 0.66 g/t Au planned.

Rio Alto gold production disappoints but guidance holds

But Rio Alto largely made up for disapointing grades with increased ore production, a performance aided by a much lower than expected strip ratio.

It had set the quarters the quarter’s strip ratio at 1.01 whereas it came in at 1.51 in actual fact, meaning it had to mean less waste rock in the La Arena open pit than it had expected.

Rio Alto produced 54,517 ounces gold in the second quarter.

Rio Alto gold production disappoints but guidance holds

“Gold production at La Arena is now progressing on a consistent basis from quarter to quarter with lower overall grades more than offset by a lower overall strip ratio,” Alex Black, Rio Alto President and CEO said in a press release.

Rio Alto forecast 2014 production between 200,000 to 220,000 ounces gold.

In the first quarter this year it produced 53,463 ounces gold, meaning it is thus far on pace to hit the upper end of that range.

How To Make An EZ Baby Saver

Materials: the thickest, best rubber bands you can find, neon duct tape.
You’re basically making a string of rubber bands and covering it with a tube of duct tape.

Hold one rubber band. Loop a second rubber band over the first one.

Pull the tail through the loop.How To Make An EZ Baby Saver

Continue adding rubber bands until you have a chain.

How long should the chain be? Six rubber bands is a good place to start. You can measure from the back of the driver’s seat to the interior door handle to be more exact.

Stretch out your rubber band chain. You can tape the ends down to a table or loop one end over the back of a chair.

Unroll a strip of tape that is as long as your chain. Double the tape over itself, creating a strip that is orange on both sides.

Fold the strip around the stretched rubber bands, creating a cover for the chain. Apply another strip of tape to seal this cover.

Cinch the ends of the cover and tape tightly. This keeps the loops on the ends from shrinking back into the cover when it is no longer stretched.

How To Make An EZ Baby Saver

Add contrasting strips of tape around the cover. The brighter, the better!

Take your EZ Baby Saver to the car. Use the same looping technique, secure the strap on to the back of the driver’s seat or headrest bars.

After you strap in your child, get into the driver’s seat. Pull the EZ Baby Saver across the door opening, then loop it over the door handle. It will not interfere with your driving in any way.

When you try to exit the car, does the EZ Baby Saver stop you in your tracks? If so, it’s working! Ask yourself if anyone is left in the back seat before you unhook the strap.

The EZ Baby Saver can be customized to fit any car door opening. You can make the cover out of neon fabric or you could even adapt a bungee cord for the same job.

What The Changes To Facebook Mean To Marketers And Advertisers

The biggest change, at least that’s what I’m hearing anyway, is the introduction of the Timeline which will replace a users profile with a timeline of events from their (Facebook) lives: status updates, photos and so on. The Timeline will also provide others with the opportunity to explore updates from their friends from a number of differeing timelines – the current week, to last week, to last month. Additionally and perhaps the most critical aspect of the new Timeline app is the fact that the Timeline will NOT show actions such as “liking” a given brand’s page. This will still appear in the Ticker however, which is a fast-moving set up of updates of every action you and your friends do. The problem is the once ubiquotous and highly-sought after “like” wil not carrry as much weight.


There is, however good news as the folks at business2community tell us “… There is an opportunity for some brands to start to ‘own’ verbs by getting users to take actions on them. There is also a chance to be more creative in how people interact with content. Rather than ‘Liking’ items that you want to buy, how about a more emotive ‘Want’. Then maybe Facebook could gather together all your ‘Wants’ in one place as a gift list of things that you would like people to buy you from around the web.”

I think it’s a great idea with lots of potential but the key takeaway here is the “like” button will no longer be as important… marketers will have to work that much harder to earn their place in valuable news feeds space.

And if you’re so inclined, here’s how you can try Timeline for yourself right now.

Open Graph…
Marketing Another important change is a new class of Open Graph applications that let users share what they listen to, watch, and read with friends. According to Inside Facebook, “These news feed and Ticker stories will feature new “Listened”, “Watched”, and “Read” buttons. Advertisers on Facebook’s Ads API or who work with the Direct Sales team will soon have the option to target users who’ve shared through these apps or clicked these buttons, letting them reach consumers of their content that might not have Liked a related Page.”

This is huge for it now allows advertisers and marketers to not just target someone who “likes” a page, but also ANY user who shared something about a given brand through an Open Graph application. The example Inside-Facebook uses involves the band Coldplay. Now, advertisers and marketers can target anyone who shared a Coldplay song via an Open Graph app like Spotify or target any of their friends who clicked “Listened” on a shared story about the band. “Advertisers will also be able to turn media sharing and usage of these feedback buttons into Sponsored Stories that turn what would have been news feed or Ticker stories into sidebar ads.”

All of this sharing will allow Facebook to acquire more data about them to develop power ads. Remember, the profile redesign Facebook did last year allowed for more prominence for users biographical data and interests and actually encouraged users to provide additional information about exactly who they are and also what forms of media they prefer and which brands they like. All this, plus the new feedback options, means Facebook is in fact turning these behaviors and activities into targetable information for advertisers.

Marketing Highly targeted Facebook ads on Facebook called Sponsored Stories are not new. And up to now, marketers and advertisers have been able to turn only a few actions, such as a Like or a check-in into Sponsored Stories. Now, thanks to a connection to an ad system Facebook calls Action Spec, marketers and advertisers can utilize a whole slew of actions to create Sponsored Stories from such as the aforementioned Coldplay example.

From Inside Facebook, here’s a few more examples of how the new ad targeting capabilities could be used:

  • A concert venue could target all users who said they listened to band to sell tickets for that band’s upcoming concert.
  • A band could target all users who listened to one of the songs off their soon to be released album about that album going on sale on iTunes
  • A big box retailer could target all users who shared or said they watched any movie starring Johnny Depp to sell a new DVD box set of the actor’s films
  • A film studio could target any user who said they watched a trailer of a new film that a friend shared after watching it on IMDB.
  • A tech conference could target any user who said they read an article on any of the major technology blogs
  • A baby clothing retailer could target any user who said they read on article about how to buy clothes for infants on a blog for mothers.

This is certainly a lot for any marketer and advertiser to digest and I definitely recommend reading as much as you can Marketing about all the Facebook changes. This most assuredly puts the emphasis on marketers and advertisers to deliver value to their customers/fans on a consistent basis.

I wil leave you with a quote from Christoper Penn, (and read between the lines and you will see he’s suggesting that Integration play a role in all this… imagine that?)

“Marketing will need to reinforce apps with other channels to ensure their success. If you’re good at marketing, good at building buzz, good at aggregating crowds, you will win.”

Hypnosis Stop Smoking Treatment

Hypnosis has been used for many years to treat everything from overeating to reducing stress. It can help you conquer your deepest fears and phobias, and also help you quit smoking.

Hypnotherapy is a remarkably effective treatment for many people. It has a way of reaching the subconscious mind to get you to do things you normally wouldn’t be able to do. Hypnosis can’t make someone do anything they don’t want to do, but if you have a real desire to quit smoking, it absolutely CAN help you.

Stop Smoking

Hypnosis has a very high success rate for helping people stop smoking. It has been shown to be one of the most effective smoking cessation methods available when carried out by a licensed professional. Just be sure you find a very experienced hypnotherapist to help you.

What to Expect

Don’t worry. Hypnotists can’t make you do things you don’t want to do. You don’t have to fear that they are going to plant evil suggestions in your mind, because that just can’t happen. Hypnosis can only be used to get you to stick to the things you already want to do.

Different hypnotherapists have different methods, but generally you will be put into a very relaxed state in order for your mind to be more susceptible to suggestion. You won’t be asleep, and you will be in total control of yourself at all times.

Stop Smoking

During your sessions you may be told about the reasons you might want to stop smoking, why you came to decide to quit, how you might feel when you’ve quit, and other things that will “convince” your brain that it needs to stop craving the cigarettes. You might also receive the suggestion that you don’t want cigarettes anymore, or that they are disgusting and taste terrible. This will help your brain realize that it really doesn’t want cigarettes anymore.

Stop Smoking

After your first session, you might be given a tape or CD to take home with you that will continue reinforcing these suggestions between sessions. Reinforcement is very important, and your brain may need to be slowly trained.

The hypnosis stop smoking treatment can be effective, but you have to go in with an open mind and true willingness in order for it to be most effective.


When I was in college at UCLA, my roommate Garrett put me up on The Cataracs via their CD Technohop Volume 1. At the time they had a regional hit with The Pack called “Blueberry Afghani,” their T-Pain remix “I’m In Love With a Swisher” was buzzing, and Garrett was a particular fan of “Red Light Bandits.” I was interested enough to check out their next offering, Technohop Vol. 2, and became hooked on the whole CD (I literally just downloaded it again, and it hasn’t lost it’s luster). Below is a lighthearted track off that 2007 project called, “Jeans.”


The “Technohop” title was more indicative of how their sound would evolve, than it was a descriptor of these first two projects. For those of you who know The Cataracs only as a pop powerhouse, they started out rapping. Cyrano/Niles and Campa/David rap now too I suppose, but they did so more earnestly back in 2006 and 2007. They were associated with the hyphy movement via collaborations with The Pack, Mistah Fab, Droop-E and others, but had a distinct sound due in part to Cyrano’s production prowess. Perhaps the song of theirs that still slaps the hardest, by hood standards anyway, is 2008′s collaboration with The Jacka and Mistah FAB entitled “Marshawn Lynch.” Most of the world has only become privy to Beast Mode in the past year, but for those of us from the Bay, Marshawn’s defining attitude has been celebrated since his days at Cal Berkeley and Oakland Tech.

DL: “Marshawn Lynch” – The Cataracs feat. Tha Jacka & Mistah FAB

They also benefited from being white boys with a captive Berkeley High School audience. The first time I tried to see them perform they were fresh out of high school, and yet I couldn’t get within 30 feet of the building. That’s because there was a mob of girls screaming and pushing to get into the building. From jump, they brought the females out and cultivated that fan base. That crop of female fans started out young, but have grown up with duo. Of course now they have to compete with flocks of international fans and Hollywood hauxs too.

Fast forward to 2010, the duo signed with Universal Records and hit the big time with “Like a G6″, their chart-topping collaboration with The Far East Movement. Then in 2011 they released “Top Of The World” (21 million views and counting on youtube), collaborated with 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg and The New Boyz, recorded Dev’s album in Costa Rica, their own album in Hawaii and Brazil, toured with Usher and earned a couple plaques in the process. Needless to say, they’re a long way from rocking show’s at La Peña!


Their youtube channel is a celebratory video scrapbook of their recent journeys, but also a tribute to where they come from. Perhaps nothing sums up that duality better than one of Niles’s lines in “Creatures” in which he spits, “Tell em where ya from, B-Town /But I’m in LA sellin’ Justin Bieber beats now.” Check out the single shot studio music video of this atmospheric slap below.

Also, peep their latest video with Dev called “Sunrise.” No slick production, just candid footage of them in makeshift beach front studios and exploring foreign lands. It’s not a bad way to live. I recently ran into Cyrano and Campa at the Watch The Throne concert in San Jose and reckoned that it wouldn’t be too long before they were headlining such venues. I would venture to guess that even after a Grammy or two though, you still might find the Space Boy Clik rocking B-High’s prom.


Senegal is a country in West Africa oddly known for its violent wrestling games and its fine arts. It has great fighters, a good soccer team and a number of very fast runners. At the same time, paintings, jewelry, fabric prints, clothes and wooden decorative objects have made its craftsmen famous. On the streets of Senegal, you can find artisans who work calmly at their table, willing to chitchat a bit about their craft. There are many other things Senegal is known for: great food, fish and peanut exports, entertainment, especially music, dance and cinema and its fascinating architecture.

Due to its past, some of Senegal’s most visited spots speak about slavery, such as the House of Slaves on Gorée Island. Art galleries are famous throughout the whole Africa. Nature offers breathtaking landscapes, so you should check Saloum Delta National Park or Casamance. The coast abounds in nice, sunny beaches. Don’t forget to visit the islands or the Senegal river. On the other hand, the desert waits for courageous visitors to explore it. For passionate shopaholics, there’s a market called Sandaga, where all kinds of items are up for sale.


Senegalese themselves seem to accept the influence of the artistic environment. People wear their hair in a difficult, elaborate hairstyle that has become their trademark. Senegalese are very diverse from a religious point of view, but most of them still believe, even if just as a superstition, in animism — the nature surrounding them; some trees or animals may be subject of worship as they embody deities.


People place value on social harmony and respectfulness. They can be formal and abide some elaborate bonding rituals. When greeting one another, there should be a transition between the actual greeting and small talk. Friends spend large amounts of time on small talk when they run into each other. If you don’t want to follow these rules, the others will most likely call you out on your rudeness. Another thing: don’t make compliments. They have some sort of ‘jinx’ superstitions. You’ll take away their charm or wealth when you praise it too much. They’ll even give up items from their houses if you express your admiration out loud. You’ll receive a nice unexpected gift, but you probably won’t be invited again. In some areas, you might find mentions of witchcraft.

Shooting in Copenhagen, Denmark Shows Gun Control Doesn’t Work, Islamic Violence Not Going Away

A gunman shot up a cafe in Denmark during a “free speech” event hosted by an artist who had drawn caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. An automatic weapon was used in the attacks… exactly what happened in Paris last month. Not long after this attack came a second one in the same city but at a synagogue. After the initial murders in Paris a Jewish deli was targeted by Islamic terrorists.

About 3.7% of Denmark’s population is Muslim (270,000 out of 5.6 million). Gun ownership in Denmark – as in nearly every European nation – is heavily regulated, particularly automatic weapons such as those used in the attack.Shooting in Copenhagen, Denmark Shows Gun Control Doesn’t Work, Islamic Violence Not Going Away

Of course, like the weapons used in Paris, criminals aren’t interested in following the law however disarming the population leaves them unarmed and vulnerable.

It is rather ironic that the attack happened during a “free speech” event as there really is no true freedom of speech in Denmark (as in almost every European nation) because the Government there don’t want ideas to offend certain groups… Muslims included.

Shooting in Copenhagen, Denmark Shows Gun Control Doesn’t Work, Islamic Violence Not Going Away

No freedom of speech. No right to self defense or ability to protect one’s life. Nobody willing to confront the Islamic radicals who have no regard for the law or innocent life.

All we see is window dressing like this Tweet from England’s David Cameron:

Shooting in Copenhagen, Denmark Shows Gun Control Doesn’t Work, Islamic Violence Not Going Away
No, David, you do not protect free speech. And you’re not doing anything to stop Islamic terrorism and you’re not helping your people to defend themselves.

Expect to see even more terrorist acts as radicals out-reproduce the natives and continue to spread their hatred.

Social Search Wars Ramp Up

In recent weeks, the theater of war for search market share has moved squarely into the social battlefield, where both Bing and Google have begun loading fodder into their social cannons. Google rolled out their +1 feature to ramp up their social search capabilities, then shortly after that Bing announced that they too will be beefing up their social search features by including Facebook “likes” in their results. Both moves are an attempt to make search more of a discussion; the assumption is that users are more likely to trust results that have been given a vote of confidence – either via Google’s +1 or for Bing, a Facebook “like”.Social Search Wars Ramp Up

A user must be logged into the search engines in order to use Social Search in Bing and see “likes” in results, though +1s should start appearing in Google without login. There is no way to prevent users from adding a +1 or a “like” to your site – the only way to influence results will be to “play the game” and create a strategy for this new search landscape.

Social Search Wars Ramp Up

So how will these changes affect you and your clients? As far as the search algorithms go, Google has said there will be no direct link to +1s and their algorithm, though there should be an indirect result. Because Google considers click-throughs and site traffic in their algorithm, and they feel that having a site +1’ed will lead to more clicks and traffic, the thinking goes that eventually those sites that have the most +1s will end up closer to the top of the SERPs (Search Engines Results Pages). For Bing, the algorithm will not be affected – so ranks will not change based on “likes” – but when someone has liked a site, or an article or page of a site, that will be reflected under the usual listing in the results.

Social Search Wars Ramp Up

There are many other cool features of Social Search, but the main goal is to have users see which of their friends have already approved of a site so that they will trust it more. Practically speaking, the difference between search and social search within each engine is the level of confidence you can have in any given result.

Take the example of a user that logs into social search to look for a car dealership to buy a used car. In traditional Organic search, there is no way to distinguish which of the results is best for you without visiting a few of the sites; and in general, a user is not likely to click on results more than halfway down the page. If your site is 5th in the rankings or lower, you likely won’t have many clicks. Now consider the same search takes place, but the user is logged in for Social Search. You have implemented a strategy to get fans, employees, and whoever else is willing to “like” or +1 your site. The same search results appear, but below your listing the user sees that many of their Facebook friends have “liked” the site. Are they more likely to click the link their friends have approved, or simply visit the first site listed?

Social Search Wars Ramp Up

Social Search is not going away anytime soon; in fact, it is more likely that it will become a more robust and larger part of search in general, so agency social media teams and their clients need to start creating and implementing strategies in order to get the most out of it. Ironically, this move to Social Search is in a way a move to the old-fashioned way of finding information: Ask your friends what they like!

Make Your Day Memorable With Limo Hire Leeds

Technology made everything possible and if we talk about the royal life then everybody wants this. Similarly, it is possible to live one royal day in the royal car in low price. Well, you don’t need to buy a new sports car. Just pay the rent of the limousine. There are couple of options are available on the internet from which you can choose the best one. Limo hire leeds will be the ideal choice for you, if you are looking for the royal limousine for the birthday party. The limousine is so long enough that many people easy sit in it and all of you can enjoy the party.


My own experience with limo hires

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Events and packages

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